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Jaco Geense

Jaco offer premium services only for a selected number of visionary, conscious entrepreneurs & business leaders. People that are conscious, committed and courageous with an open heart, and urge to change the world.

For example, business owners who have bought this package have used it to:

  • Reconnect with their purpose.
  • Create clarity, know what to do, what are the next steps from this new perspective
  • Create a deep why, like an umbrella over all their ‘doing’ and activities
  • Reconnect with their authentic powers (knowing / sensing that they are there, but not able to flow)
  • Come in the right game, their game. With the right rules to get wealth, creativity, energy, power flowing.
  • Removing a lot of clutter on all areas in their life and business, to refocus
  • To do a hard or soft ‘reset’ in the middle of their life
  • Find their place in life (as a father, intimate partner and entrepreneur / business leader)
  • Find and co-create a viable business concept, aligned with the new earth



  • Reconnected with your purpose, heart & integrity
  • Clarity regarding the right field of play
  • Clarity regarding the next steps:
    • How to act
    • where to focus,
    • what to do
    • what to skip,
    • what to influence
  • Feeling connected, energetic, powerful, meaningful, balanced and satisfied
  • Know how to be a connected leader towards alignment


  • Reconnected with your business purpose
  • Clarity regarding positioning, identity, tribe & the key strategic areas for change
  • Clarity regarding the next steps:
    • How to act
    • where to focus,
    • what to do
    • what to skip
    • what to influence
  • strategy how to align your business with the purpose

*Results stated above are the effects that can be achieved over a period of 3-5 months in a synergetic collaboration, and are therefore not a guarantee

Here’s how it works: 

The collaboration and guidance is based on goals. Both persons are highly committed to reach these goals. During the guidance, premium clients receive a sacred holding space with strong aligned energy, to create a laser beam through all layers (source – earth), to bring the purpose on the ground, align the soul with the body.   Jaco doesn’t work on an hourly basis.

When you work with Jaco in this way, you get him on skype or telephone, talking regarding your goals and challenges in the daily practices (business, personal, relational or other – that doesn’t matter). Jaco has a unique talent to reconnect you with your purpose and vision, in order to help clients find solutions for their challenges from a different perspective.

During the trajectory Jaco creates an energetic holding space that will help transform the blockages during the process, helpful to realise the goals. And will use both his experience (in life and international business) and clear abilities to create a new perspective.

Ocassionally, when required there will be personal live sessions.

Limited spots available

There are a limited numbers of spots available at any given time. Jaco is selective about his clientele and is not interested in taking the money of people who are not able or willing to make the concrete steps in the world based on the clarity & the reconnection. Who don’t want to grow, or want to change their organization in alignment with the New Earth.

If you’re considering working with Jaco in this way, please fill in the questionaire for a discovery session. If we seem like a fit, we’ll set up a call via skype of telephone to talk through desires. Premium packages are fully customized on your situation (both personal and business).

Jaco works with business owners who know how to collaborate; are willing to develop personal and able to work holistic over the whole spectrum on multiple levels (from business strategy via energetic to the personal history), All that is required to make the shift. And already have the knowing that Jaco is the one to help them bringing their bigger vision into the world. Even if you might be feeling a bit intimidated, you know in your gut this is for you.

If the message resonates, please apply for a discovery session.

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