Who is Jaco Geense?

Jaco Geense

Life without ‘my purpose’ was no life.

What is my purpose NOW?

  1. Reconnect: To enable visionary leaders to reconnect with various aspects of their lives and with the New Earth. To help them explore their powers, hidden knowledge and wisdom. Creating clarity, resonance and harmony.
  2. Aligning Organizations: An organization is made up of a group of people with a purpose; my purpose is to work as an ‘organizational catalyst’ to help them make future proof.
  3. Transforming the World: To ensure a world where our future generations can live, play and fulfill their purpose.

Transform yourself then align your organization to ensure a safe, healthy, resonant and connected future.

Hi, I am Jaco, now that you have read my purpose let me tell you how I found it.

I was born and raised in a small village located in the southern part of the Netherlands, I lived in an environment with strong social pressure about how to live your life, that suppressed uniqueness, liveliness, creativity, vividness and spontaneity.

I had to live though this suffocation and during a large part of my life I felt an imbalance to myself, my environment and the world as a whole.

I studied satellite communications engineering and worked with major corporations in Dubai and throughout the Middle East, later I switched to the IT sector and started working as a systems engineer and an IT consultant.

At 28 years old I experienced my first burn-out which also initiated a certain period in my life where I was continuously searching for myself and trying to fill a gap within me. I started having health problems and experienced extreme lack of energy.
I kept asking myself, why?

I felt lost, hopeless and without a purpose, but I also noticed that I could sense the energy of people, projects and businesses, and I realized that my body was not able to deal will all those energies. Ill-equipped to handle that, I almost went mad and that also had strong negative effects on my wife and close family members.

I could feel the energies of people and organizations, but at that time I was out of resonance myself.

There was something strong inside me, a sense of purpose? My soul? I didn’t know. I searched for new ways, approaches, coaches and therapies. Some had small positive effects while most were empty promises.

With time and effort I started improving, I learned how to coach and work with visionary people in a corporate environment, and I was slowly exploring my purpose by interacting with energies of people and organizations. I was doing very well, my business experienced massive growth and in the second year of my coaching business I made a turnover of 1 million €. But there was still a certain dark cloud in my life and I found that I was living two lives; two identities trying to survive in two different environments.

Then, the second burnout happened, my business went down, I was 100k € in debt, I had no energy and started suffering from anxiety. I did not know how to proceed, in short I lost hope and sadly I did know how to be a father anymore.

I was no longer committed, courageous and connected.

During that depressing time my soul asked me to get time alone, I ventured into the Pyrenees mountain range on a vision quest. There I realized that I had in fact hit rock bottom.

But after some intense days of soul searching I found my essence and had a vision about my life’s purpose. I was no longer afraid to live and was ready to get connected with myself, my family and the world around me. I made the courageous decision to live the life I felt inside, I boldly closed old doors which enabled me to see new possibilities, potential and energies.

I know now that all my life I was active in finding back my life purpose, and guiding people to find their purpose too, lifting them.

Today, I know the essence of having the right starting point and the value of resonance within myself. Going into the right game, not someone else’s game and rules, but your OWN game.
Synchronicity in different aspects is more obvious than ever, Spirituality is becoming a trending topic, than the hidden fear of ‘being burned alive’ when showing up.

Let your purpose guide you the way.

Curious about working together?

The question is actually what is the real cost of not living your purpose? You can do the journey on your own. You can also select an experienced guide.

Please setup a discovery session’ with me to explore and talk about your journey, goals and desires.

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