New Earth Leaders

We as individuals and in shape of corporations having been robbing our children’s right to have a better future in Earth. Rapidly we are destroying and corrupting the natural resources and the balance of our Earth.

As stewards of this Earth we have the responsibility of giving our children a world where they have enough food, clean water and happiness. Imagine children of our children playing together in a beautiful and sustainable world.

I dream of a world where we all accept our stewardship of an interconnected future, a world that is a playing ground for the future generations

Did you recognize yourself? Did you feel connection?

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Welcome to the New Earth

Reconnecting Men – Aligning Organizations – Transforming the world

Reconnecting Men

Men reconnect with the integrity and power of their heart, so that they become the true leaders they are meant to be and in doing so, caring for the world and creating a future they love for many many generations to come.

Aligning Organizations

In the New Earth paradigm, Organizations are the vehicle of leaders to live their purpose, their dream. Guiding organizations towards alignment with the New Earth.

Transforming the world

A better world starts within ourselves. To transform the world people first need ‘self transformation’ that is activating their natural desire to make the shift to a greater place of alignment. Many people over the world are already living from this paradigm.

What is NEL?

A tribe of visionary and conscious men who are truly connected with themselves and their purpose, they are aligned with the purpose of developing a great future for the next

Who is Jaco?

New Earth Leaders | Jaco GeenseLife without ‘my purpose’ was no life.

What is my purpose NOW?

Reconnect: To enable visionary leaders to reconnect with various aspects of their lives and with the New Earth. To help them explore their powers, hidden knowledge and wisdom. Creating clarity, resonance and harmony.

Aligning Organizations: An organization is made up of a group of people with a purpose; my purpose is to work as an ‘organizational catalyst’ to help them make future proof.

Transforming the World: To ensure a world where our future generations can live, play and fulfill their purpose.

How to get started

Does this resonate?  Do you feel the desire and urge to reconnect with your purpose and contribute to the new Earth?

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